Woman gunned down in Westmoreland, man injured

A woman was shot and killed and one man was injured following a gun attack Saturday night in Little London, Westmoreland.

The deceased has been identified as Michelle Reid, a 44-year-old from Brighton, Little London.

Initial reports suggest that Michelle and the now-injured man were first having a conversation on the man’s verandah.

Moments later, the two got on a motorcycle that was parked in the yard and were getting ready to leave.

A lone gunman then made his way through the front gate and fired multiple shots, hitting both victims.

The shooter then escaped on foot.

The police were summoned and Reid was found with multiple gunshot wounds to the back of her head.

They were taken to the Savanna-La-Mar Public General Hospital where the man received treatment for a gunshot wound to the stomach and Michelle was pronounced dead.

The police are investigating.


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