Missing brother and sister found in shallow grave

Two siblings who were reported missing on December 8, were recently seen in a video being buried in a shallow grave.

The two deceased are identified as 20 year-old Kerrick Moodie and his older sister 22 year-old Keneisha Moodie, both of a Westmoreland address.

Reports are that both were last seen at a cook shop in Grange Hill, Westmoreland.

The siblings bodies were found together in a shallow grave the next day, riddled with bullets.

A video shows the two being covered with dirt by a man wielding a shovel and another recording.

The cook shop operator confirms that the two did stop by at the shop as they normally do but didn’t see where they went.

A missing report was later filed by the family members who then made multiple posts on Social Media asking for assistance in finding the siblings.

More details to come as the story develops.


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