Six hospitalized in Fern Gully crash, one fatally

One woman is confirmed dead and six others hospitalized after a Nissan bus crashed in Fern Gully, St. Ann on Sunday.

It was reported that minutes to 12:00pm, a fifteen seater motor vehicle which was carrying 23 passengers crashed into the fern gully banking.

The authorities were called and the injured individuals were taken to the hospital where the woman died while undergoing treatment.

It’s reported that the vehicle which was licensed to carry 15 persons were transporting seven adults and 16 children.

Speeding is theorized to be the cause of the accident. Persons took it to social media where they expressed shock and concern surrounding this incident.

One user wrote
“I hope the driver gets in trouble fa putting dat many people in a 15 seat but u have 23 ina van”

Another user wrote, “So how is there a fatal crash a fern gully when by right you not even supposed to a drive fast there so. If lick up gwan it suppose to be just minor injuries.”

Motorist are being reminded to obey the speed limit and to follow the road code.


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