Fun Day ruined by fatal shooting at Sports Day event in Manchester

A young man was shot and killed allegedly by the police at the Winston Jones High School sports day event in Prattville, Manchester.

The deceased has been identified as Jamar Clarke, a 25-year-old who resides in the parish.

According to family members, Jamar was at the school event’s after-party when a fight broke out.

Jamar’s cousin, Sheryl said to avoid the trouble, Jamar was attempting to leave the party, taking with him his other cousin who was involved in the fight.

As they were waiting in the car and picking up other friends and family who came with them to the party, explosions were heard.

The car then lost control and that is when it was discovered that Jamar got shot.

Sheryl’s brother then looked at a police officer who was holding a firearm and asked him, “a you shoot him” and the officer responded, “yes, you don’t see him nearly hit me with the car”.

One student shared that Jamar hit him with the car and several other persons which resulted in the police using lethal force.


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